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Segue uma lista de links com as sessões do VMworld 2015 disponibilizadas para o público.

Eu assisti algumas e tem bastante material bacana.

As que eu mais gostei são as mostradas abaixo, basicamente porque tenho estudado bastante sobre PowerShell e automação.

Então aproveite os links…


INF5211 - Automating Everything VMware with PowerCLI – Deep Dive


INF4793 - Day-to-Day Automation of VMware Products


VAPP5483 - Virtualize Active Directory, the Right Way!

General Sessions

General Session – Monday, August 31, 2015 (Carl Eschenbach, VMware – Bill Fathers, VMware – Raghu Raghuram – VMware, Ray O’Farrell, VMware) General Session – Tuesday, September 1, 2015 (Sanjay Poonen, VMware – Martin Casado, VMware – Pat Gelsinger, VMware)

Cloud Native Apps Track

CNA4590 Container Orchestration with the SDDC (Aaron Blasius, VMware) CNA6649-S Build and run Cloud Native Apps in your Software Defined Data Center (Kit Colbert, VMware) CNA5860 – Containers without Compromise – Persistent Storage for Docker Containers with VMware (Vivek Saraswat, VMware) New!

CTO Track

CTO6689-S – Closing the Loop: Towards a World of Software Defined Decision Making (Paul Strong, VMware) CTO6453 – The Future of Software Defined Storage – What Does It Look Like in 3 Years Time (Richard McDougall, VMware)New!

End User Computing Track

EUC4630 – Managing Users A Deep Dive Into VMware User Environment Manager (Michael Bradley, VMware – Dale Carter, VMware) EUC5404 – Deliver High Performance Desktops with VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID vGPU (Pat Lee, VMware – Luke Wignall, NVIDIA) EUC5020 – The “Snappy” Virtual Desktop User Experience (Aivars Apsite, Metro Health) EUC6807-S – The Future of End User Computing (Erik Frieberg, VMware – Shankar Iyar, VMware – Noah Wasmer, VMware – Harry Labana, VMware) EUC4827 – VDI Sizing Deep Dive – The Horizon Sizing Tool (Ray Heffer, VMware – Shengbo Teng, VMware) New! EUC4879 – Horizon View Storage – Let’s Dive Deep! (Tristan Todd, VMware – Michael Cooney, EMC – Jim Yanik, VMware)New! EUC5052 – Beyond the Marketing – Horizon 6 Technical Deep Dive (Ray Heffer, VMware – Jim Yanik, VMware) New! EUC4437 – Horizon View Troubleshooting – Looking Under the Hood (Jack McMichael, VMware – Matt Coppinger, VMware)New!

Hybrid Cloud

HBC4849 – vCloud Air 2015 – Getting Started with Hybrid Cloud (Greg Herzog, VMware) HBC6629-S – No App is an Island (Ajay Patel, VMware)

Infrastructure Track

INF5211 – Automating Everything VMware with PowerCLI – Deep Dive (Alan Renouf, VMware – Luc Dekens, Eurocontrol) INF4528 – vCenter Server Appliance VCSA Best Practices & Tips Tricks (William Lam, VMware) INF4586 – Take Virtualization to the Next Level vSphere with Operations Management (Martin Yip, VMware – Himanshu Singh, VMware) INF5975 – vCenter Server Appliance as First Choice VC (Madhup Gulati, VMware – Mikael Jenson, Herring Kommune) INF4764 – Extreme Performance Series – vCenter Performance Best Practices (Ravi Soundararajan, VMware) New! INF4793 – Day-to-Day Automation of VMware Products to Increase Productivity and Efficiency (Brian Graf, VMware) New! INF5093 – vSphere Web Client – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Yavor Boychev, VMware – Dennis Lu, VMware) New! INF5060 – What’s New in vSphere (Michael Adams, VMware) New! INF4944 – Managing vSphere 6 Deployments and Upgrades, Part 1 (Dilpreet Bindra, VMware – Mohan Potheri, VMware)New! INF5123 – Managing vSphere 6 Deployments and Upgrades, Part 2 (Brian Graf, VMware – Salil Suri, VMware) New! INF4529 – VMware Certificate Management for Mere Mortals (Ryan Johnson, VMware – Adam Eckerle, VMware) New! INF4712 – Just Because You COULD, Doesn’t Mean You SHOULD – vSphere 6 Architecture Considerations from Real World Experiences (Jonathan McDonald, VMware) New! INF4945 – vCenter Server 6 High Availability (Madhup Gulati, VMware – Mohan Potheri, VMware) New! INF5701 – Extreme Performance Series – vSphere Compute & Memory (Fei Guo, VMware – Seong Beom Kim, VMware)New!

Management Track

MGT5245 – vRealize Operations Insight Manage vSphere and Your Entire Data Center…All in One Place! (Himanshu Singh, VMware – Hicham Mourad, VMware) MGT5360 – Introducing Application Self service with Networking and Security (Andrew Voltmer, VMware – Becky Smith, VMware) MGT6623-S The VMware Cloud Management Platform Drill Down and Outlook (Ajay Singh, VMware – Dave Bartoletti, Forrester – Seth Frohlich, CIT – Tim Garza, CNRA – Jon Herlocker, VMware) MGT4928 – How To Troubleshoot Using vRealize Operations Manager – Live Demo (Shyamal Patal, VMware – Samuel McBride – VMware)

Networking Track

NET6639-S – The Next Horizon for Cloud Networking and Security (Guido Appenzeller, VMware) NET5560 VMware NSX Deep Dive (Jacob Rapp, VMware) NET4976 – vSphere Distributed Switch 6 –Technical Deep Dive (Chris Wahl, Rubrik – Jason Nash, Sirius) New! NET4989 – The Future of Network Virtualization with VMware NSX (Bruce Davie, VMware) New!

Operations Transformations Track

OPT6851-S A conversation with the VMware CIO Suggestions on being an IT Leader (Bask Iyer, VMware)

Security Track

SEC6640-S – The Software Defined Data Center: Security for the new battlefield (Tom Corn, VMware)

Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) Track

SDDC5273-S – VMware Hyper Converged Infrastructure From vSAN to EVO RAIL and EVO RACK (Raj Yavatkar, VMware) SDDC6254-S The Best SDDC! (Dale Ferrario, VMware – Dharminder Debisarun, Novamedia – Simon Delord, Telstra – David Giambruno, Tribune Media – Tony Morshed, CA DOWR)

Storage Track

STO4572 Conducting a Successful Virtual SAN Proof of Concept (Cormac Hogan, VMware – Julienne Pham, VMware) STO5887 Building a Business Case for Virtual SAN (Madelyn Grunewald, VMware – Jordan Glamann, Dominos Pizza – Rafael Kabesa, VMware) STO5954 S Rethinking Enterprise Storage The Rise Of Hyper converged Infrastructure (Charles Fan, VMware – Mike Feld, BayState Health) STO6085 Site Recovery Manager Technical Walk through (GS Khalsa, VMware – Jeff Hunter, VMware) STO4649 – Virtual Volumes Technical Deep Dive (Ken Werneburg, VMware – Patrick Dirks, VMware) New! STO4474 – Networking Virtual SAN’s Backbone (Bhumik Patel, VMware – John Kennedy, Cisco) New! STO5888 – Top 10 Thing You MUST Know Before Implementing Virtual Volumes (Eric Siebert, HP) New! STO5074 – Explaining Advanced Virtual Volumes Configurations (Ken Werneburg, VMware – Andy Banta, SolidFire) New! STO6137 – Site Recovery Manager and Policy Based DR Deep Dive with Engineering (GS Khalsa, VMware – Aleksey Pershin, VMware) New!

Virtualizing Applications Track

VAPP6257 – Troubleshooting for vSphere 6 (Jamie Rawson, VMware) New! VAPP5598 – Advanced SQL Server on vSphere (Scott Salyer, VMware – Wanda He, EMC) New! VAPP5483 – Virtualize Active Directory, the Right Way! (Deji Akomolafe, VMware – Matt Liebowitz, EMC) New! VAPP5719 – Monitoring and Managing Applications with vRealize Operations 6.1 and vSphere 6 (Jeff Godfrey, VMware – Ben Todd, VMware) New!

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