Welcome! We speak English now! And other languages too


Olá Homelabers! Uma pequena pausa na programação para anunciar que devido crescimento do número de visitantes estrangeiros no blog, instalei um plugin que faz tradução automática dos textos do blog, facilitando assim, a visita de nossos amigos que não falam (ou leem) Português. Mas os textos e todo o conteúdo aqui produzido continua sendo em PT-BR 🙂

Hi there! Now that I’ve started to participate in the #vDM30in30 challenge, the number of non Portuguese speakers (or readers) of this blog has increased a lot.

We are receiving visits from all over the world and that´s great, but as the content here is written in Brazilian Portuguese I noticed that people access the blog and leave the site as soon as they realize that.

So, in the effort to keep this people here, visiting, commenting and returning to the site, I’ve installed a WordPress Plugin to automagically 😯 translate the site content to several languages as English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. I’m aware that auto translation are not 100% perfect, but it´s a start.

Maybe some day I start to write posts both in Portuguese and English.

So, welcome my fellow foreigners I truly hope you enjoy the content published here.

Just click on the flag icon and the blog will be translated.